Video Book Review Central (Part 1)

Working with the Wizards of Gyan, Inc., I have gotten to read some great books. And after reading those great books, I have written a short review, or book summary. And to top off that book summary, there is a nice, hand-drawn video that explains the big ideas in the book. At the end of each video is a call to visit . Below are the first 3 videos I made. Enjoy!

The first one we created was The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick Lencioni. This one was the first one, and so far, has been our most popular one.

Next up is a book by an author named Dennis Bakke called The Decision Maker. It’s all about building a ‘decision-maker’ culture in the workplace. A lesser known author, but this guy has done some big things in life.

And the last of the book reviews for this post(more to come) is a book review for the first chapter of Decisive by Chip and Dan Heath. We actually put this one together before the book was released. I received a PDF that they sent out via their mailing list, and liked it so much, we made this review.

Keep reading and watching-more videos to come!


Nick Navatta

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