“Nick is brilliant! He is one of the most talented and creative people I have met. He has the uncanny ability to simplify complex thoughts and ideas into bite-sized simple visual stories that stick. He has done a terrific job of single-handedly creating our Youtube channel that has garnered 500k+ views (http://www.youtube.com/callibrain). He can do it all – write, draw, animate, act, voice-over, edit… the list goes on and on. I am a big fan of Nick and recommend him, his work ethic, his professionalism in the highest terms possible. I look forward to collaborating with him again soon.”

Sameer Bhargava, CEO, Callibrain, Inc.


“After having a popular podcast on iTunes for almost a decade, I was hesitant to move over to YouTube. I didn’t want to invest time, energy, and money if my content was going to get lost amongst all the cat videos.

Nick Navatta helped me break through and find my audience, and I was shocked to see that before long the channel had 2500 subscribers. He utilized search engine magic to help folks find my content and rack up thousands of views.And because he understands that real people are watching these videos he has this ability to find the soul of the content and utilize the technical aspects so that my audience is greater served.

It’s important that the people on my team are people that I enjoy interacting with. Nick not only delivers what he promises, but he’s also a stellar human being who understands the cares and concerns of others.”

Tripp Lanier, Men’s Coach and Host of The New Man Podcast. http://thenewmnanpodcast.com


“Nick and I met several months back on a speaking engagement at a music industry seminar (I was there as a guest speaker and he was there to create an elaborate whiteboard collage from my ramblings :))…  We kept in touch after that, and when YouTube contacted me in late November to create a holiday video… Nick was my first call. At that point, I’d seen only his cartoon-esque work, but knowing I wanted to do an animated video… I thought it’d be fun to try. Honestly, I had NO IDEA he was such a versatile artist, and what he ended up creating… quite frankly… blows me away. Using only a single canvas… sketched, photographed, and resketched 15 HUNDRED times… he brought my original Christmas song ‘Evergreen’ to life.

As an artist, Nick has the uncanny ability to translate your needs into something unique and striking.  His work on my holiday video garnered praise not only from the staff at YouTube but my fans as well.  And, when the video went live in December 2011, the view count totaled well over 250,000 in less than 3 days time.  That success can be attributed almost entirely to his contribution.

In the broadest sense, the fact that Nick isn’t confined to any one artistic medium, and even more importantly, CARES about making your project the best it can be… makes him someone I’ll most certainly keep on a short list of go-to’s for years to come.”

Gavin Mikhail, Musician


I didn’t know if a whiteboard video would help my business but I found that the medium of whiteboard was so effective at getting eye balls on my offering.

What I loved  about working with Nick was how he came up with so many ideas. He made the process easy. I loved how fast Nick got proofs to me and made changes that I wanted right away. I would come up with a brief thought and Nick’s creativity would build it into something awesome.  And I received way more value than I expected.

Nick see things from different creative angles than most entrepreneurs and I think that makes a huge difference. I would recommend his service with a F*ck Yes!

Seth Taylor, Bowtie Acquisitions


“Nick helped AttendStar accurately explain our complicated product in a fun and engaging way that made it easier to understand, all while capturing the company’s personality, mission and essence.

Nick was an absolute pleasure to work with. Not only was he very professional, but he guided our team step by step, from video conception to completion, in order to produce maximum results in a timely manner. He was efficient, productive, and always friendly, meeting deadlines, clarifying points and thoughts in our video, and always moving our project in a positive direction. Without his feedback, expertise, and talent, our video would not have been the success it is today!”

Kelly McNoldy, Operations Manager, Attendstar


“Nick effortlessly undertook my underdeveloped complicated business plan
and simplified, clarified, and defined it perfectly through a masterful expression
of lovable animated characters and witty dialogue.”

 Jon Zumbrun, Shuttercard