The Power of Ted by David Emerald – FISBE

The Power of TED by David Emerald – FISBE

The Power of TED by David Emerald is one of my favorite books. It has a prominent place on my bookshelf because it is so accessible and its ideas are easily digested. You can come back to the ideas in this book again and again to sharpen your creative self in life.

David Emerald’s book piggybacks on Steven Karpman’s already famous idea, The Drama Triangle. In the drama triangle, their are 3 roles: the victim, the villain, and the rescuer (or the hero).

The drama triangle is tricky because it’s actually something that can happen between people but also internally.

How You May Be Stuck In A Drama Triangle With Yourself

Like, for instance, lets say I want some attention from my significant other. Yet, the reason that I do is because I’m exhausted and not taking care of myself. In that moment I may abdicate a more ‘true’ desire, which is to feel connected and good, to what I think I want. I THINK this will make me feel good.

If I don’t get in touch with my real desire and latch onto the ‘lesser idea’ of what it is to feel good, I become a victim to my own lack of awareness. This could lead to pointing a finger at my partner if my strategy to ‘feel good’ fails (which ultimately it will), when I reach out to them from a place of disconnection. I then become someone who needs to be rescued-by my own self-because my partner cannot connect me to feeling good in my body. Only I can.  The only option is to self-rescue when I’m not in touch with myself. This will keep me seeking ‘rescue’ from without. That will keep me in the loop of blame, especially if I try to feel good and by getting another person to feel my cup.

What is the solution? To get clear on an the outcome I want.

Once you are focused on the outcome,  you feel passion, and then take baby steps. The very act of envisioning outcomes can lead to passion because it is a creative act of responsibility.

An outcome in this particular instance would be that I would want to feel energized and refreshed. Instead of depending on my partner to take care of me, I would take a baby step toward feeling this way and choose to say, take a nap.

The FISBE tool is important because it reveals my orientation.

FISBE stands for focus, inner state, and behavior.

I can FISBE in the drama triangle of the victim orientation or I can make the shift and FISBE in the creator orientation. My personal preference is to choose the creator orientation as much as possible.

The above video helps me easily remember one of my favorite ideas. I hope you enjoy it and it’s helpful.

Check out The Power of TED by David Emerald to get more into this idea.

P.S. Here is a downloadable image of the finished video graphic.

The Power of TED by David Emerald – FISBE

Nick Navatta

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