It’s Time To Change, so Switch!

Switch by Chip and Dan Heath is a powerful book on changing your own behavior and the behavior of those you lead. Our review of Switch, in my opinion, is the best book review we’ve created so far. Why? A couple reasons. One, I think its because the book is very straightforward and well-written. It has 9 key points  divided into 3 sections of 3. Very easy to digest and follow. Two, the flow of the actual review follows the simple flow of the book. Three, the content is FUN. One of the key ideas in this book by the Heath Brothers is the idea of the Elephant, our emotional self, and the Rider, our rational self, and how these two selves interact. That concept lends itself to a simple, but clever and already catchy way to understand the concepts in this book. In a sense, this is the book where the least amount of ‘processing’ had to be done to summarize it. That, and sometimes you just hit your ‘zone’. This is one of those reviews.

I had a blast creating this review, particularly drawing the elephant and the action of the elephants. I went a little deeper to learn about the behavior of elephants too so that I could glean more possible story lines. Knowledge of the subject at hands opens up the potential for story lines!  Lastly, we’ve gotten around 50 emails asking for this image, which I’ve been happy to give to people. People in corporations to people in classrooms to students who use this image in presentations. That lets me know we created something valuable here! Here is the video review for Switch by the Heath Brothers:

Thank you for watching!


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