Whiteboard Animation Videos with Nick

Whiteboard Animation Videos with Nick Navatta

By 2019, 80% of Internet traffic will be video. Are you ready?

How will you stand out? How will you connect with your customers?

Whiteboard videos are the way to go. It’s a wonderful opportunity to grab your customers’ attention and educate them in a fun and memorable way.

Top illustrator + award-winning copywriter = Effective video.

Uber talented illustrator Nick Navatta and award-winning copywriter Anne McColl have teamed up to bring you  Whiteboard Animation Videos. These two visual thinkers know how to distill your marketing message into a memorable and powerful video that will resonate with your customer while keeping true to your brand voice.

We spend a lot of effort nailing your video, because the big idea isn’t right, an ineffective script will make your video confusing, not matter how cool the visuals are.

Big-budget looking videos at a reasonable price.

Large corporate production videos will charge you $10,000 to $30,000 dollars for a video. Cheaper companies use computer programs to produce tacky videos that actually hurt your brand image. Every Whiteboard Animation Video by Nick is a custom project produced by top talent for a fraction of the price.

An investment that pays for itself.

Commissioning a  Whiteboard Animation Video is an investment in your company. If you just win two or three more customers, your video has already paid for itself. It’s an investment that keeps producing results.

Whiteboard Animation Videos – How It Works


  •  Discover. This is where we get clear on your pitch, who your customers are, and discuss styles and possible storylines.
  • Script. We’ll translate your story into a compelling story. After we submit the script, you’ll request any revisions, we’ll make them and finalize script.

We’ll also hire the voiceover talent.

  • Storyboard. With the script finalized, we’ll create a storyboard. I’ll provide you with sketches alongside script to give you an idea what the video will look like.

NOTE: This is the time to offer your feedback on script and illustration styles. After this, revisions become very expensive to make.

  • Illustrate. I will transform the storyboard sketches into finished illustrations. You’ll provide feedback.
  • Video. Now we’ll video the illustration process, this takes about 1 to 2 days. I’ll send you footage to review and then we’ll send to the editor.
  • Edit. We’ll line up the video track with the voiceover. We’ll also add a music track.
  • Delivery. The final video will be delivered and uploaded.

Whiteboard Animation Videos- Your Investment

$2,500.00 – For the first minute of whiteboard animation video:


  • A script written by a professional copywriter and animator
  • A professional voiceover track (a pro voice actor makes all the difference)
  • Background music track to add emotion to your video
  • SEO optimization to make your video findable on YouTube.

$1,000 – Each additional minute

Contact me to discuss pricing options for your unique project.