Graphic Recording Services

Nick Navatta – San Diego Graphic Recording Services

What is Graphic Recording?

Graphic Recording is the art of capturing a group’s conversation visually. This can be done on a large scale format with large pieces of paper, flip charts, whiteboards, and poster boards. On a small scale, it can be done with sketching, digital tablets (such as an iPad), or it can be done remotely via the internet.

Graphic Recording samples created by Nick

Tim Ferris - Practical Pessimism

Tim Ferris - Practical Pessimism

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Reid C. Thompson

Reid C. Thompson

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Jim Rohn - Challenges To Pursue

Jim Rohn - Challenges To Pursue

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Nathan Hubbard

Nathan Hubbard

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Contact me for more samples. Client confidentiality prevents me from showing all samples.

What are the benefits of Graphic Recording Services?

Save Time. You know what happened and what was discussed in your meeting and can evaluate the value of that meeting and if the time was used productively based on what was recorded.

Deliver Information Quickly. It only  takes a few minutes to read  and review the key points from say, a one hour talk.

Saves Energy. Group participants do not need to obsess over taking notes and you don’t have to worry about your clients or employees not getting taken care of when it comes to having your valuable information delivered to them.

Save Money. The key to building relationships with your clients is providing them with value. Creating graphics of your content is going the extra mile for the people you serve, which makes them more likely to feel valued and enjoy themselves-leading to repeat customers.

Increase Engagement. People feel heard which leads to increased confidence, which leads to more engagement and productivity. People WANT to listen and participate more in order to be ‘part of the action.’

Add Focus. The key ideas are recorded, and the heart of your ideas are recorded-without too much details.

Move Forward. Makes a great springboard for creating and  diving into your next meeting, event, or conversation.

Spark New Conversations And Connections. Open up new conversation that may not have happened at a regular meeting without graphics.

Compound Value. Give participants something to take home, review, and be inspired by.

Add Clarity. Ensure that everyone gets ‘on the same page’ with an engaging reference.

Keep interest. People people pay more attention to what is happening in the meeting space.

Strengthen relationshipsIf you have a guest speaker, they feel more invested in and valued.

More Reach.Participants who cannot be present can still get the value out of what was discussed through jpegs or  another format.

•Resolve Sticking Points. Helps  people see  problems ‘from all sides’.

Empower Creativity. Gives people permission to to feel and think creatively.

Easy To Remember, Use To Remind. Extends the memory of what happened beyond the actual meeting. Can be used for action steps and plans of actions.

Repurpose Graphics. Add to your blog posts, emails, or newsletters.

Add Importance. Investing in graphic recording gives extra weight to the items and topics discussed.

Facilitate Breakthroughs. Adds openness and a spirit of play to your meeting.

Visual Learning. Engages the majority of learners.

Increase Listening. Frees people up to listen and concentrate more-especially if they’re used to keeping up with all the notes

Increase Satisfaction. Validates the participants thoughts and reflections, leading to participant satisfaction

Be More Present. Allows the meeting to hold more information than the brain can on its own-eliminates the brain having to work ‘overtime’ to process what is going on

Grasp The Big Picture. Allows people to see the patterns or themes that might be occurring in the conversation. Helps people connect ideas and establish information relationships, which leads to increased understanding

Deliver Information Quickly. It only  takes a few minutes to read  and review the key points from say, a one hour talk.

What are your Graphic Recording fees?

It depends on your unique project. I have a couple basic rates I use for half-day and full-day events.

Email me about what you are looking for and I can provide you a quote for your project. If you want to go further, we can schedule a call to talk about moving forward.