Demo Videos

Demo Videos

I create product Demo Videos designed to help you attract customers, promote your product, and increase conversion rates.

A demo video is a short video-anywhere from 30secs-to 5 minutes, designed to sell your product, service, or idea. The demo video acts as a ’24 hour’ salesman, that demonstrates the benefits of your product/service/idea and shows the viewer how it works to meet the needs of the viewer.

I create demo videos using 2-D animation, with an emphasis on humor and creative storytelling, designed to emotionally engage the people watching the video. In short-I create demo videos that make people CARE about your product/service/idea and influence them to invest with you.

3 Ways a Demo Video by Nick Can Help You

1. A Demo Video by Nick can help you deliver your service, product, or message in a way that gets people engaged and encourages them to CARE about what you do-and be remembered amongst all the noise.

2. A Demo Video by Nick can help increase conversion rates-whether you are selling a product, building an email list, selling a product, or trying to get support for your ideas.

3. A Demo Video by Nick can help you be remembered and cared about by the people who visit your website-and influence them to sign up, buy, or invest with you.

Benefits of a Demo Video 

• Increased Confidence. Have an answer to that awkward question “So, what do you do?”. Your video answers all their questions so you don’t have to.

• Encourage people to promote for you. Share you video with friends and colleagues. People will share stuff they think is fun.

• Saves You Time. Your demo video is on duty 24/7, promoting for you. You are not. It helps to have help.

• Saves you Energy. When your tired and don’t want to promote your product or service, your Demo Video does. Acts as a great tool for your own marketing motivation.

• Go with the flow. Video is the most consumable media there is in this day and age. Grab people’s attention where it is already at.

• Get people to act. Drive people to where you want them to go with your Demo Video. To Amazon? An email list? Your website? People need direction. Give it to them with your Demo Video.

• Make your ideas and stories stick. People remember memorable things. If you want to stick in people’s minds and hearts, a demo video can be a valuable tool to do just that.

• Fun Marketing. I help you build in whatever marketing you want to-and I help you make it fun for you, and especially for the people you serve.

If Your Ready To Get Started…

I am flexible when it comes to creating a Demo Video for you, and I am open to negotiating on price. Write me at to schedule a free discovery call, and we can begin discussing your project today.