San Diego Graphic Recording – Business Growth Bootcamp with Karie Kaufmann

I had the pleasure of doing a San Diego graphic recording event as a sponsor for the Business Growth Bootcamp hosted by Karie Kaufmann of Action Coach this past Friday.

As Karie mentioned in the course of the day, being in business should give you more LIFE. The workshop was dedicated to the mindsets, shifts, and tools needed to actually build a business that does this-and not get stuck in creating another job for yourself.

As a budding business owner, curious about how to build a thriving San Diego graphic recording practice, I found the day to be both valuable and inspiring.

Now-onto the graphic recording!

The day began with Karie sharing some rules of engagement for the day, followed by some mindsets and then some practical insights and exercises for making immediate changes. Her session covered the first hour and a half of the day and got everyone in the room revved up and ready to take action.

After one more brief session on video marketing, Kevin Lloyd was up. His talk was called ‘The 5 Traits Of A Great Team Builder’, and was expertly presented. He brought humor, great storytelling, and a seasoned presence to the room as he spoke about what he has learned as a leader and left everyone more inspired.

After lunch, and a brief session on systematizing your business, Doak Belt spoke on Foundational Business Planning. His talk was short, pointed, and gave all in the room food for thought when it comes to the legacy they would like to leave behind with their business and the tools and resources to begin considering how to do that.

Finally, Karie did a brief session called Finishing Your Business. To ‘finish your business’ means that you can walk away from it for at least 3 months/90 days, and you’re business will run well without you! Loved that as a concept and as an eventual target to aim for.

It’s always fun to do a San Diego graphic recording event, especially for an event where I have a lot of vested interest in learning about the topics at hand. Thank you you to Karie Kaufmann, her team, and her clients for being in the room and making the day a fun and insightful event!

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