It only takes One Minute

Here is an animated book review for The One Minute Manager by Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson. My favorite part of creating this One Minute Manager video was coming up with the characters-particularly Mr. Trenell, Mr. Levy, and Ms. Brown. I like creating videos with a cast of characters because it is fun to draw different types of personalities. I also like the simplicity of this review. Nothing fancy, just presenting some information in a structured format. Once you meet the managers, there is a hand that is taking notes from them as they unload their insights. I chose to do this because there was a lot of information and this was the quickest and easiest way to deliver the essence of the book to the viewer.

My favorite idea  in this book is the One Minute Goal. I especially like the idea of putting your goal down in less than 250 words. I like this idea because it forces you to simplify your end result and it seems it would lead to a whole lot less confusion and more action. Any time I have put a goal into more than 250 words it has become a plan with multiple steps. Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson have given me a concept I will use! Here is the video:

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