How To Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie | Animated Book Review

How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie is a classic. I would say this is the review that opened the floodgates for how I and we chose to review books at Callibrain and also opened up the vision for the books that we wanted to review. This review is unique because it is the first review where I chose to change up the style from a more general and conceptual style to a more literal and story-based style. The key is to still illustrate what is going on, along with the voiceover, but taking an extra step in ‘mirroring’ the voiceover with text bubbles helps a lot. It especially helps when delivering a LOT of information in content. So, with this review, it was a step toward covering more information in our reviews instead of just pieces of books. That could be good or bad, but that is what we chose.

My favorite ideas/parts of this review are the storyline-a young, budding alarm salesman is being mentored by a Dale Carnegie disciple, who happens to be his boss and a sales manager-and the sheer volume of good ideas in the book. I think all the ideas in this are great IF you are coming from a place of being yourself. I don’t think using ideas to manipulate, people-please, or make yourself look good are lasting. BUT-if these things are something you align with and want to do, they can be really powerful. You may find this review will help you win friends and influence people! Here is the review:

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