Going from Good to Great

The next book review up is Good To Great by Jim Collins. My favorite idea from this book is the concept of the Level 5 leader, which Collins says is a leader who builds enduring greatness through a blend of personal humilty and professional will. This idea provides a good, broad vision to work to as a whole person, providing a picture to strive towards for both the both the personal and professional realms. I personally like it because its a high standard to  aim for and it takes a lifetime to achieve it.

Another favorite idea is The Hedgehog Concept, which asks ‘What are you deeply passionate about?’, ‘What drives your economic engine?’, and ‘What can you be the best in the world at?’. To me, this offers a logical approach to choosing and committing to what I can be the best at, how I can offer the best service in the process, and all the while considers how to do that so that I am taking care of myself and those around me. That just feels like a good idea! Here is the video:

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