Getting in the Habit

It’s been a good 2 years since I’ve posted here and it hasn’t been because there is nothing to post. I’ve just been in the habit of cranking out videos, one after the other, working for Callibrain, Inc. and helping build a content library of  over 30+ leadership and management book reviews. So, I’m going to be updating with a daily post for the next 20-30 days to share the videos that I and we created as part of the Callibrain Content Team. I read the book, create the script, work with our content editor to tighten it up, create a storyboard, title screen, and voiceover, and then send the materials over to our video editor to tie it all together.

I’m sharing our most popular book review to date, The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People by Stephen Covey, today. This video was created back in 2013 and was popular right off the bat. This is one of those cornerstone books of the personal development and leadership fields. Stephen Covey wrote a book that will always have some powerful ideas to come back to.

A couple of my favorite ideas from the 7 habits are the simple but not easy ‘Be proactive’ idea, which calls us all to take complete responsibility for ourselves and the results we desire, and ‘Begin with the end in mind’, which reminds me to circle back and really invest in building a clear, solid vision and end result when i set out to accomplish anything substantial. Here is the video for the 7 Habits:



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