Drive by Dan Pink is a powerful book that helps us understand motivation and what drives our behavior and gives us some ideas to optimize our sense of meaning. The thing I liked about creating this book review is the way the book is laid out. It had a good introduction to how motivation works and then three powerful ideas that the rest of the book was written around. Those ideas are Autonomy, Mastery, and Purpose. Some books lend themselves to being interpreted a bit better than others based on how they are written. I felt that this was one of those books. I enjoyed doing the drawings in this one because I didn’t necessarily have to ‘over-interpret’ to get the point across.

In my own experience, having a solid framework to understand this framework of Autonomy is my favorite part of this book. I liked it because it explains that autonomy is not just ‘do whatever you want’, but a frame in which I or you are given free reign to do the things we do in the way we know how to do them best. Based on my own experiences of having autonomy in the workplace, it’s something that I need in my working style to really give my best. I appreciate having a reference for it! Here is the video:

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