Grumofied! Miguel Hernandez of Grumo Media interviews Nick Navatta

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Above is a video interview I submitted to Miguel Hernandez of Grumo Media. Miguel is a very cool guy. He has allowed me to showcase two videos on two occasions on his site, and I am happy to talk great about his company and everything he does. Thumbs up from me:)

Below is the text for the interview:

When did you start animating and why?

Actually, about one year ago while working for a company called Alphachimp Studio in Nashville, TN.
I have always loved to draw and paint, and I began to become fascinated with the question of, “What emotionally connects and inspires people?”, or “How do I reach people’s hearts?”.

So now, I want to use my animations to create emotionally valuable experiences for other people. That could mean doing an animation for a music video-it could also mean helping a startup tell a story about it’s new idea. Whoever it is, I want-to help them get the result that makes them, and the people they serve, a little more happy.

What are your favourite tools for animating?

For basic illustrative animations I like Brushes for iPad and iMovie to edit. For me it’s simple, fun, and plays to my strengths as an illustrator. I’m really enjoying learning After Effects, especially after seeing that that seems to be the software of choice for demo videos. And I am very interested in even exploring stuff like sand animation. Honestly, I’m an open book right now.

What is your favorite project you’ve done so far?

My favorite project was doing a black and white charcoal time-lapse photography music video for a musician named Gavin Mikhail. It was a Christmas song named “Evergreen“.
I enjoyed it because I got to use my traditional art skills, concept skills, and the music-well, it has emotion in it! So I felt I was able to connect to my own personal inspiration while doing the project.

Please talk a little about the process of creating the Xmas time-lapse video.

How did you get the job? how long it took? where did you learn that technique? 
I got the Christmas Video gig when I was doing what is called ‘graphic recording’ at a small music workshop in Nashville. One of the speakers was a guy named Gavin Mikhail, who has quite a loyal following on YouTube. We became friends and right before Christmas he contacted me to let me know that he had an opportunity to enter a contest through YouTube-a ‘Song for the Seasons’ contest.

I created the video on short notice, but all in all, it took about 60+ hours-and that is everything, from storyboard to finish. The technique I used was time-lapse photography. Every second equaled ten photos. I actually picked up this ratio from the artist, Jason Mitcham, who created the Avett Brothers video “Head Full of Doubt“.

So, I had to think about what I wanted to happen in one second, and I would make small changes with every shot. I became familiar with the idea of time-lapse through the RSA videos, and had some first hand experience when I worked for Alphachimp Studios.

I got to creating the video and as it turns out, it was selected as one of the 12 YouTube selected , and went on to get 200,000 views in 24 hours!
Which project has been the hardest and why?

One in particular was designing an infographic for a hospital’s operation room process. Though I think it was a great cause, there wasn’t a lot of times where i was like , “This is AWESOME!”. And well, it wasn’t an animation and didn’t have a lot of room for story. I try my best to find projects with a little room for having fun, and I guess this one didn’t strike me as much fun! If I feel connected to the project, it is much easier to give my best work.

Where do you find inspiration for your animations?

Wel, Grumo Media for one :) Really though, your videos are great, and watching these let me know I can have FUN and provide a service at the same time.
I also have a love storytelling artists like Dr. Seuss and Shel Silverstein. I actually really like Childrens books of all kinds for their original art.
I can appreciate a lot of the skill that Graffiti artists have, even though it may offend some people. I like stuff that expands and challenges perception too-I like the art of artists like MC Escher. And then there is music and sound effects-I think it is what inspires imagery for me, and helps me think ‘cinematically’ about animation.

Who are your favourite animators and why?

I am really getting into transitions, so I am digging the sand art of Kseniya Simonova.
I’m a fan of Cognitive Media‘s videos published through the RSA for their concepting and illustrating.
And just found out about this graffiti artist named BLU. His videos are on YouTube and are so much fun to watch-super impressive!

How can companies get in touch with you?
If you want to get in touch with me, the simple way is to email me at My twitter handle is @nicknavatta. And I have a website

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What is Attendstar?


Here is a Demo video I created for a local company right outside of Nashville, called Attendstar. Attendstar is an online ticketing company and it is FREE to sign up!

With that said, here is the script for the video above-Enjoy!

“So, your Big Event is coming up next month. And you’re feeling OVERWHELMED  with all the details you have to juggle.

If only you were  free to focus  on your Big Event, you wouldn’t have to worry so much about low attendance and disappointed attendees-which equals a BAD event.

You have a  million  things on your plate, and could really use help  putting together the pieces of your event- like Ticketing-quickly, and without a lot of hassle.

Enter AttendStar. We eliminate the headache that comes with managing ticketing, making selling tickets a piece of cake for you–so that your event ROCKS.

When you sign up for Attendstar, the first thing you’ll do is post the details of your event–stuff like date, time and the awesome place where it’s happening.Then, post the unlimited types of tickets you would like to sell— set the quantity available, and voila!

Embed your ticket sales page on your website, share the link with friends on Facebook, who can tweet about it to their followers on Twitter and in no time your ticket sales page is spreading like wildfire- and you SELL MORE TICKETS!

So, for happy attendees and a packed event, use AttendStar- for  free! for all of your ticketing needs. What are you waiting for? You have an event to plan!

AttendStar: Ticketing and Promotion created for Event Managers, by Event Managers.
Go to to sign up now for free! “
Nick Navatta

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How a video I created got 200k views in 24 hrs

“Evergreen- By Gavin Mikhail”

Thats the video above. Yep, it got 200,000 views in 24 hours.

How, you ask?

Well, actually, I had a lot of help getting it seen by that many people. Without Gavin, it wouldn’t have happened. Without YouTube, it wouldn’t have happened. And well-without my animation, it probably wouldn’t have happened either.

I loved creating this video and I am proud that something I created helped someone get attention for their art. That was the fun part-hearing the excitement and the buzz build around something I got to be a part of.

So, how did all come to be then?

I will let Gavin’s words tell you. He wrote a newsletter that he sent out to his fans and mailing list. Here is what he had to say:

“I met Nick several months back on a speaking engagement at a music industry seminar (I was there as a guest speaker and he was there, god bless him, to create an elaborate whiteboard collage from my ramblings. And let’s face it… I can ramble… a lot. :)). Anyway, we kept in touch after that, and when YouTube contacted me in late November to create a holiday video… Nick was my first call. At that point, I’d seen only his cartoon-esque work, but knowing I wanted to do an animated video… I thought it’d be fun to try. Honestly, I had NO IDEA he was such a versatile artist, and what he ended up creating… quite frankly… blows me away. Using only a single canvas… sketched, photographed, and resketched 15 HUNDRED times… he brought my original Christmas song ‘Evergreen’ to life.”

That is how we met. Gavin also talks about YouTube contacting him. He happened to be a partner with YouTube and got the opportunity to enter a contest called ‘Songs of the Season’.

Well-the video was one of twelve chosen-and was put onto YouTube’s home page for a day.

From that point, the views jumped from around 5,000 to 200,000 in 24 hours.

So, how did a video I create end up getting 200,000 views in 24 hours?

Gavin’s presence on YouTube + An opportunity to appear on YouTube’s homepage + an engaging concept(the animation I created) = 200,000 views in 24 hours.

Also, I think the fact that it was Christmas, and there is a holiday fervor already present, also helped immensely. People love things that get them in the Christmas spirit around Christmas time. Also, I think people are more likely to open up to FEELING GOOD around this time. Take that, plus the video, and it makes sense.

I’m just glad that I got to create it. Thank you Gavin!


Nick Navatta



Tripp Lanier – “Did David Deida Screw Up Mission and Purpose?”

Have you been asking yourself, ‘Whats my lifes purpose?”. And maybe you’ve driven yourself crazy trying to figure out what to DO, what goal to accomplish, to begin living your purpose? And In the end, you just can’t seem to find that perfect answer and  and it leaves you feeling lost and confused?

Tripp Lanier , mens Coach and host of  The New Man podcast, tackles this problem in his  article, “Did David Deida Screw Up mission and purpose?’. He  first states that purpose is WHY we do everything-its  why we cure cancer, go surfing, have children, and join the circus.

Tripp talks about having a small self – and a big self. The small self is rooted in fear, and whose purpose may be to stay safe, or avoid being alone, or prove that your good enough-  The smalls selfs purpose , or WHY it does what it does,  is to feel Safe and In Control.

On the other hand, He says the Big Self’s purpose, or why,  is to experience deep joy, happiness, love, and connection-GOOD, GOOD Feelings! And this good that the big self feels is more aligned with God, or whatever you want to call that which is bigger than us but includes us.

Tripp then says YOUR  PURPOSE is to experience a FEELING-  these GOOD, GOOD  feelings of deep love, joy, and connection- and NOT to accomplish a certain goal! Its not about DOING SOMETHING. Whoa, take a second and think about that….Ok.

He says this GOOD FEELING tells us we’ve hit the bullseye, and allows us to know we have hit the mark! From this standpoint, we can begin to see which actions, relationships, or endeavors are helping us experience this Good feeling. And we can consciously let go of the goals, behaviors and choices that don’t.

Tripp says its essential to know your  unique talents and gifts, or strengths,  that connect you with the Good feeling-those things you do that give you DEEP PLEASURE. Your strengths then can become part of your MISSION. – which is the FORMULA you  follow to experience the GOOD FEELING. Tripp says ‘Our purpose — to experience this Good feeling — is always going to be there. It’s the basis for all that we do. BUT-How we get there — the mission — can and will change over time.

Here is a way to look at it. There is a cat named Missi. And she wants to be turned on to deep love, connection, and joy. She feels this when she is pet. The petting turns ‘Missi On’ to love, connection, and joy, and what does she begin to do, as a result of this mission? Purr! She becomes a Purring Puss-Or PURR PUSS!,  Her PURPOSE is fulfilled! To get pet was her mission, and her purpose, is the GOOD FEELING of being loved and connected!

HOW she feels her purpose can change. She may find that her owner doesn’t rub her the right way anymore and so she goes to the couch or maybe the local house rat – to get pet . She has found her PURR PUSS stays the same, but her mission, or how she feels her purpose, can change over time! The same happens with YOU!


Nick Navatta


The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz-“Domestication of Humans”-Are you a Perfectionist?

The Four Agreements by  Don Miguel Ruiz-‘Domestication of Humans’-

Are you a Perfectionist?

Are you a perfectionist, never able to fully accept things as they are, wound up and uptight, always judging yourself unfairly,  never able to fully relax and let go?

In The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz he says ‘We surrender to the beliefs of our parents, and the world, with our agreement. When we agree to something, we say YES to it. .Ruiz calls this process the Domestication of Humans.

Ruiz says that ‘ At an early age, we learn punishment and reward and form an image of perfection in order to try to be good enough to  get the reward. We live by an image of how we should be in order to be accepted by everybody else and our fear of being rejected becomes the fear of not being good enough. In the end, we are not good enough for ourselves because we don’t fit with our image of perfection-so we punish ourselves with our own judgement!’

If who you are were these hands, and what everyone else wanted you to be and believe was dough, and you were to ball the  dough up in  your hands- the dough completely covers up and sticks to your hands! In the same way, We take others beliefs, they stick to us,  and COVER UP who we truly are, and our lives feel like a mess! We start pretending to be what we are not, just to please others,and start feeling  DOMESTICATED or DOUGH-MESS-STICKY!

We feel like we need to GET OUT of our cages. But we’ve grown so used to being in our cages that we are FEARFUL of leaving them behind!  Ruiz says, ‘Just being yourself is the biggest fear of humans.’ Instead  of getting out of our cages, We use a distracting behaviors, like perfectionism to GET OUT of being our wild,free self!

A wild man or woman knows who they are and is too busy being their true self to pay attention to the limiting beliefs of the  world around them.Our true selves long to get into the WILD! Ask yourself-‘WHY HOLD?’ Why hold onto the beliefs, thoughts, and feelings of others when they have me feeling trapped?” When your feeling fear, anxiety, or any other negative emotion, ask yourself ‘WHY HOLD? Learn to let them go of the thoughts and beliefs that cause these emotions, drop the  perfectionism, and be  YOURSELF -free, happy, alive, and WILD.

If you find yourself feeling caged in, anxious, trapped and domesticated, try ending this sentence ten times with a different thought.

“If I allowed myself to express my free, wild self, I would_____________________.”

For example , If I allowed myself to express my free wild self, I would go for a run in nature OR smile all day long. Do it ten times, select your favorite answer and GO DO IT!

Read the The Four  Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz-it has some killer ideas on how to really start BEING YOURSELF, , wildness and all!. And if you want your OWN ideas  to be more fun and engaging, with a video like this w rite me at, and we’ll explore whats possible.

Nick Navatta


The Magic of Thinking Big by David Schwartz “Build Confidence, Destroy Fear”

The Magic of Thinking Big-Build Confidence and Destroy Fear

Do you ever find yourself taking action to build confidence in some area of your life, and even after taking the action, still feel that you don’t have the confidence you want? You ACT, but it still feels like somethings missing, like there is a BIG HOLE in your confidence?

In the Magic of Thinking Big, David Schwarts states “Much lack of self-confidence can be traced directly to MISMANAGED memory.”

He goes onto say, “Your brain is like a bank. Every day you make thought deposits in your ‘mind bank’. These thoughts grow and become your memory.” And when we face a problem, you say to your memory, “What do I already know about this?

He says you have an internal Mr. Teller, who is perfectly responsive, and lets you withdraw the thought deposits you want to withdraw! Meaning, if you’ve put thoughts of confidence, or fear, into your account, either one you draw upon is immediately available to you.

Schwartz says you only want to deposit and withdraw positives. It is your own internal MANAGER who is making these deposits and withdrawls with the teller. I think we have two kinds of managers.

The first, his name is ROB and he is all about FEAR. He withdraws all the positives from your account and leaves you in the negative! Meaning, he DOESN”T GIVE YOU CREDIT -for anything positive in your life . He doesn’t give-he only TAKES AWAY, or ROBS from what you already have!

The other manager, her name is IVE, or ‘I’ve’. This could mean “I HAVE”. If she feels like she already HAS a lot, she can only GIVE YOU CREDIT . Anything she deposits is POSIT-IVE!

Schwartz says -“Your memory is the basic supplier of raw material for your new thought”. Any deposits IVE makes are based on the confidence she feels that you ALREADY HAVE! Its not the amount itself, its how you feel ABOUT the amount you do have!

You can know that Rob is robbing you of positives and causing you to forget your confidence, when you feel Fear, or APPREHENSION, and allow it to overtake you. Funny, that word apprehension also means to understand. So, when you are fearful, understand that Rob is in action not giving you credit for the confidence you do have, and it is up to you, as the WITNESS, to APPREHEND him so that he can be ARRESTED-or to GIVE ROB A REST! This DESTROYS FEAR.

Then allow your inner IVE to GIVE YOU CREDIT and begin TAKING INTO ACCOUNT all the positives you have in your life, so that you have plenty to withdraw. This will allow you to BUILD CONFIDENCE.”

If you ever find yourself not feeling so confident, for your practice, take a second and filli out this sentence ten times , focusing on even the smallest instances of confidence in your life.

“I have___ to celebrate, appreciate, and to be confident about in my life”

Nick Navatta



The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks-‘Einstein Time’

In the book The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks, he talks about an idea called Einstein Time. The idea behind Einstein Time as Hendricks defines it is “YOU are where time comes from-you can make as much of it as you want!”.

On the flipside, he says the Newtonian paradigm, “assumes that theres a scarcity of time, which leads to an uncomfortable feeling of time urgency inside us! And we think that what is ‘out there’ is causing the feelings ‘in here’.

Hendricks says it’s a SPACE problem. An Einstein quote in the book explains it perfectly:

“An hour with your beloved feels like a minute; a minute on a hot stove feels like an hour!”

Hendricks says if you were forced to sit on a stove, you become preoccupied with trying not too occupy the space you’re in. He later says that if there is any part of our lives that we are not willing to accept , we will experience stress and friction in that area. I could imagine that if I were sitting on a stove, and I didn’t accept it and didn’t jump off as quick as I could, there would be major stress and friction-aka BURNING!

So how do we get to the point where it’s the other way around, as he says, when your embracing your beloved where Awareness Flows, and your willing to occupy all space, and it feels like time flys?

Here is how I understand it. There is a guy named Time, we will call him TIM E. and he has a Stein! And his STEIN is empty, full of space. What goes into a stein? BEER! Keep saying it-,BEER, BEER, BEER- and give it space-You begin saying BE HERE!

When Tim E is BEING HERE he is AWARE, and he can sense the energy that is there. Lets say there are feelings of urgency here. This is the time to BELOVING to yourself, so that whatever you feel becomes your beloved. Then you are ALLOWING and ACCEPTING WHAT IS, instead of fighting against it. This allows the energy to flow.

Einstein would denote energy as E, so if TIM E is where time comes from, and he is aware of the energy as urgency inside him, his awareness and acceptance allows it to release, and to flow out from him as the SOURCE, and he would fill his STEIN with BE HERE energy, or he would put his E in STEIN, and create the flow of EINSTEIN TIME! So actually, its like time is on tap, coming right from him. Give it a whirl and become the source of time!

Nick Navatta


Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill- ‘Thoughts Are Things’

In the book, Think and Grow Rich, Napolean Hill starts off with, in my opinion,  the most important thought of the whole book.

He states “Truly, ‘thoughts are things’, and powerful things at that, when they are mixed with definiteness of purpose, persistence, and a burning desire for their translation into riches, or other material objects”.

I think the key word here is MIXED. Thoughts without definiteness of purpose, persistence, and a burning desire are like a cocktail without all its parts that make it the drink it is! It’s the definiteness of purpose, persistence, and burning desire, that give thoughts ‘KICK’! Without them, thoughts are weak and ineffective, and leave you wondering if you really want the things you say you want!.

How do you know your thoughts are things, and actually attracting the things you want?

Look at it like this. There is a  flame called burning Desire. Then there is  wood, which  is persistence. And The Fire is the definite purpose, what the flame and wood truly want. If the flame wants to become a Fire, and it has the burning desire, it would have the thoughts to attract it! Or it would have “THE HOTS’ to become a Fire!

But the flame needs the Wood. Lets call the wood, W-O-U-L-D, as in “I would”. The word actually means strong desire. When someone hasn’t realized a desire and they want to, they say “I would love too…”.

They both need each other in order to create a FIRE. The flame without the would will go out, and the would without the flame will not burn. When the desire and persistence is strong enough, the ‘MATCH IS STRUCK’! A FIRE is started, fulfilling the DEFINITE PURPOSE of the FLAME, which was to create a burning fire!

The same happens with what you want! The Things you want NEED YOU TO DESIRE THEM definitely, and persistently, in order to come to you! Just like the fire needed ‘The HOTS’ of the flame, and the ‘would’ to see it through, to consider becoming a fire! This is where the attraction happens!

As  Napolean Hill states within the first 5 pages of the book, when referring to Edwin Barnes and his partnership with Thomas Edison “He had nothing to start with, except the capacity to know what he wanted, and the determination to stand by that desire until he realized it!” THAT is when you will truly know that “Thoughts Are Things!”

Nick Navatta