Engage Your Audience, Be Remembered, And Connect To More Clients

Hi, I’m Nick Navatta, and people hire me to create content that sticks and helps get them results.

I offer services in Graphic Recording, Whiteboard Animation Video, Explainer Videos, Sketchnotes, Illustrated Infographics, Cartoons, and other Content Creation.

Callibrain, Inc hired me to create a YouTube channel (that has over 10,000 subscribers and 1 million + views) to spread the word about their product, get more customers, and have an online presence.

Gavin Mikhail hired me to create a stop motion video to get the chance to land on YouTube’s homepage (It did and got 200,000 views in 24 hours).

I’m also hired for singular projects like creating a whiteboard video like this one for Seth Taylor of Bowtie Acquisitions to inspire his customers to reach out to him.

I aim to create content and materials that make it easier for your client to understand the value you have to offer and to care about it too.

Whether you’re looking to:

•Use Graphic Recording to highlight the big ideas of your group meeting and engage the space,

•Whiteboard Animation Video to describe your product or service in an engaging way that sticks,

•Or you want to create a powerful piece of visual communication that gets people to take action,

I can help you out.

I use humor, visual storytelling, and knowledge of the human psyche to solve the problem of communication that doesn’t connect.

I have 100+ stage performances as a stand-up comedian, 10+ years a visual artist (from cartoonist to creative director), and I’ve been a student of psychology, persuasion,  and what makes people tick for almost 20 years. The variety of these experiences gives me the perspective to look at your project from a unique place.

If you are interested in hiring me for graphic recording, whiteboard animation video, or other services, reach out to me via my contact page and let’s start a conversation.

Thank you!